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perusen - the dictionary of everythingmental masturbation -
the intellectual endeavor that is actually practically inconclusive and mostly useless but brings a pure sense of joy.
by spotless mind 6 months ago
graduate school -
an educational institution specialized in delaying unemployment for six years.
by spotless mind 3 months ago
beloved by physicists - perusen.comwhy do women find wealthy men attractive? -
we all see young beautiful women with old men who look like they can be their father yet these women don't mind the age difference because they value wealth and being successful more than anything else. having wealth and being rich can and does indeed make a man look that much more attractive in the eyes of a woman. if you place two gentleman of the same age bracket, late forties to early fifties, side by side, the individual dressed in the designer suit and well groomed features will almost always get the lion's share of the attention.

wanting to live a better lifestyle isn't always the main reason why women find wealthy successful men attractive. having the ability to go out into the world and obtain a substantial amount of money requires certain characteristics that the average male simply does not have. qualities such as confidence, determination, knowing what they want, courage and vision. it is these personality traits which women find attractive and is why they tend to seek out wealthy successful men. females often associate wealth with power and find power extremely attractive. for some women being with a guy who is in a powerful position is a major turn on and attraction. the rarer the commodity, the more it is valued and sought after.

the biggest attraction as to why women seek out wealthy men is for the sense of security and stability that only a successful individual can provide. the question that comes to mind is why aren't more women involved in relationships with wealthy men?
by spotless mind 5 months ago
pink floyd -
an english band which has an extreme reputation in the world of music
by valkrypton 5 months ago