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perusen - the dictionary of everythingsame-sex marriage -
what many americans think as the most important national issue.

more important than environmental issues, nuclear proliferation, and social security. what goes on in another's bedroom has always been and will remain as the most talked-about and curiosity-piquing subject of the american pastime. the set of morality laws expressed by the judeo-christian belief supersedes the u.s. constitution and the bill of rights. with this we will soon see the stoning of disobedient and rebellious children at the city gate by their parents, women who wear dresses woven with two different fabrics, people who work on the sabbath, and those who marry the gentiles. also, slavery will be back for it is a perfectly biblically-sanctioned institution. at this pace, leviticus will soon replace the u.s. constitution.
by coeurdelion 11 months ago
2013 corruption scandal in turkey - perusen.comperusen -
the dictionary of everything.. perusen is a platform where you use definitions and descriptions about anything you want. here, using our words, we describe phrases, or discussions from books, events, relationships, politics, people, the arts and sciences. the format is intended to represent the current culture.

why did we choose "perusen" as a name?

middle english: perusen, to use up : latin per-, per- + middle english usen, to use.

peruse: to read over in an attentive or leisurely manner.
perusers: the users of and also readers of
perusal: the act of perusing.
perusable: adj.

pros: phonetically simple, easy to remember, conveys the aim of the website.
"hey i read this in perusen"
"are you a peruser as well?"
"yesterday i was perusen(perusing in casual conversation), and i found out this"

what is the difference of perusen from other social media?

reddit is closest to our website in terms of content. however reddit is very disorganized and the majority of comments are junk such as, one line responds, personal fruitless discussions, and forum style language. in perusen having a title, the first rule for comments is to belong the title but only title. this will hopefully limit one to one discussions to point wise discussions. the second criticism about reddit is that it has repetitive titles. you can encounter the replica of the same titles every other week if you are a frequent user. the third criticism about reddit is that the discussions happen about only the first few pages of reddit. there is no incentive to add a comment to last week's topics because your comment will be lost over there. therefore reddit is not an accumulated source of information.

urbandictionary is similar to our idea as well. however their content is limited more or less to only words and phrases. in this regard perusen is an extended version of urbandictionary.

wikipedia is a great source of information. we are not similar to wikipedia in terms of content but we both have inside links and a huge connection between topics. it is very formal, and it cannot even be regarded as a social media. it doesn't taste like a reddit stuff.

if you like, you can simply view perusen as a mixture of urbandictionary, reddit and wiki. from everyone little little, in the middle*.
by dem 2 years ago
difference between beautiful and sexy -
beautiful is like my girlfriend
sexy is like other girls!
by aoucar 7 months ago
reasons to be a peruser -
to be able to express yourself without waiting on a list for 2 years.

(see: eksisozluk)
by atmadangelme 8 months ago