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perusen - the dictionary of everythingkadri ozcaldiran - perusen.comcarlsberg -
probably the best beer in the world.
by naked truth 9 months ago
evolution and the second law of thermodynamics -
they are related rather than contradicting.

(see: lehninger)*
(see: gibbs free energy)
by oktaydogangun 7 months ago
pornography and addiction -
the relation between pornography and addiction has long been studied and it is quite popular especially in the religious circles. the jewish community, as well as the christian groups, has been in an effort to tackle with this issue, of course on religious grounds, to end or at least reduce the amount of porn their communities watch. to this end, many websites and volunteer organizations have been founded such as

pornography is not reality. relationships are based on people seeing, speaking and spending time with each other. sitting in a room alone is not a relationship and therefore until you have experienced a relationship there is no telling of what and whom you are attracted to. porn is not reality, rather it's a distortion of reality which makes it harder for many men to relate to real live women or men - who can't look and act like the porn actors who are usually drugged and cosmetically altered.
by hermes 10 months ago
ellen page -
the actress who heroically came out during the hrcf's time to thrive conference.
she delivered one of the best speeches on earth before doing so.
by hermes 8 months ago