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perusen - the dictionary of everythingnationalism -
let's play the aristotelian syllogism on nationalism.

superiority complex is inferiority complex.
nationalism is superiority complex.
∴ nationalism is ... ?
by coeurdelion 7 months ago
feminism -
bell hooks’ definition of feminism: feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.
by dem 9 months ago
uganda anti-homosexuality bill -
ugandan president yoweri kaguta museveni says he will sign the uganda anti-homosexuality bill. a country riddled with poverty, gender inequality, child labour, torture, government corruption, healthcare crises such as aids and women's health, deteriorating infrastructure and the war in dr congo sets aside all these problems and makes an anti-homosexuality legislation its national priority and agenda.

i guess there is nothing more important in the business of ugandan government than minding who makes love to whom at this point. a brilliant show of leadership mr. museveni, i must say. after 28 years of dictatorship, perhaps you need some popular support for yourself and your ruling party with a sensational issue like this - since everything else is in the gutter anyway - so that you can continue on with your greed and power.

p.s. o, and thank you for making a huge change in the legislation, removing death penalty and replacing it with life-imprisonment. what mercy! that brings tears to my eyes.
by coeurdelion 9 months ago
perusen updates -
we have a new access level in perusen. new users will start as rookies and once they have 5 posts, their talent will be reviewed. if their posts are approved by the moderators, in keeping with our style and content, they will be confirmed as a peruser!

until such time, their posts will not be visible to others and they cannot add any new title. rookies may still add new posts after the 5 post requirement. all posts will be publicly viewable at the time of confirmation.

moderators can also approve a user before the standard 5 post requirement.
by dem 9 months ago
scientology -
the church of scientology promises to solve all of your problems, with you progressing through a series of ot (operating thetan) levels.

this is how it helps you solve your problems: you progress through the levels until you reach a point where you realize how batshit crazy scientology is...then you leave. your problems are now solved. the further you progress, the more problems you have, the greater the catharsis upon realization.
by bagheera 8 months ago