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perusen - the dictionary of everythingone thing that annoys you most -
hiccups. am i right or am i right??

(see: ways to get rid of hiccups)
by bombastus 1 year ago
turkey -
the founder of the republic of turkey is m. kemal atatürk.
by aryemu_s 1 year ago
freedom of speech -
i believe in freedom of speech. i really do. and i believe that your ignorant, discriminating, racial, and ignorant (did i say that already? ok. just making sure) comments and status updates are also protected by freedom of speech. you can say whatever you want. just don't get all upset, angry, offended, and cry when i belittle your tiny brain in public. if you can say that in public, i can, too. it's also freedom of speech.
by coeurdelion 1 year ago
political scientist dominance in perusen -
dominance i am not very eager to see. my political scientist friends are not great analytical thinkers and to be honest do not know much about history. i even run into one who thought turkey got into the second world war instead of the first one. the smarter political scientists look cold-blooded to me, kind of "america should intervene, people may get killed but this is what happens in war" attitude towards the global problems. no matter what ideology they believe, dominance of critical thinking conscientious people are much appreciated.

note: by conscientious i mean "vicdanlı" in turkish, meaning something like being careful of what other people endure.
by ras al ghul 1 year ago
michelle obama -
wife of the 44th and current president of the united states, barack obama, and the first african-american first lady.

she can posterize everyone, even dwayne wade
by bkrcnr 2 years ago