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perusen - the dictionary of everythingthe metamorphosis -
the unusual life story of gregor samsa. gregor is the sole provider for his useless and emotionally abusive family. one morning he turns into a huge bug. his unprecedental transformation is horrifying to his family, but more so because it means gregor will be unable to leave the house and work. his boss is also an abusive man too who scolds gregor for turning into a bug and demands he stop his nonsense so he can return to work.

basically, gregor's transformation is a metaphorical representation of how the proletariat is dehumanized and desensitized under the power of the bourgeoisie. all gregor can think about is how being a bug has made him late for work, and he eventually apologizes to his boss for the delay, with little concern for his own welfare. he becomes something that operates only from instinct and is incapable of personal thought.
by isawyou 7 months ago
puzzlements of movie plot lines -
two people couldn't fit on that floating door, really? or at the very least, you couldn't take turns resting on it? (rose and jack, from the end of titanic, where jack stupidly freezes to death)

also, if there were a door like that, there probably were more, and i would have tried to raft a few of those things together, and then have a few people on top huddle to keep warm. penguins could teach you a thing or two. but then, maybe the other people would start fighting over who got to sit on it? but if that's the case, how did rose keep that thing all to herself for so long? i'm sure there was a lot more fighting.
by bagheera 7 months ago
gmail goes down worldwide -
something that the next generation will never understand. we will have a story as follows: we survived the great gmail blackout of 2014! i started to sweat and felt a little cold... the entire world panicked..
by spotless mind 8 months ago
the second law of thermodynamics - perusen.comwhat hurts the most -
to know that life is not fair, at all
by zeper 7 months ago