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perusen - the dictionary of everythingbest opening lines from books -
''mr and mrs dursley, of number four, privet drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.''

by j.k.rowling, the philosopher's stone
by aryemu_s 1 year ago
eddie izzard -
the man who shows that british people can actually be funny. he is very well known for his randomness, catchiness and transvestite performance.
by spotless mind 1 year ago
one thing that annoys you most - perusen.comacting on belief -
are you a muslim or a christian simply because you say you are? in fact, manifestation of your belief has nothing to do with your own self, hasn't it? you already know who you really are inside. you don't need to prove it to yourself. then it is clearly for the expression to others around you that you manifest. you want to let them know that you are either a muslim or a christian and to be recognised as such by them. and it is through your action and life we truly come to know that you are either a muslim or a christian. am i not right?

my question here is then, if you saying you are a muslim or a christian doesn't make you one but your action, what makes one not a muslim or a christian when he says he is neither? shouldn't he also be held up to the same standards as you are? through his action?

last time i checked according to your religions and holy scriptures, it was up to god or allah to determine this, never you. you are not to judge.

just carry your religion quietly in your life and practice on your behalf and please don't butt in in others'. we'll see much less hypocrisy practised in this world if you keep your religion to your privacy.
by coeurdelion 1 year ago
physicist dominance in perusen -
is the apparent dominance of physics titles on the left-frame as compared to any other field's titles. just like any other fellow, after improving our understanding of how nature works, we all intend to share our knowledge in perusen.

by spotless mind 1 year ago