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perusen - the dictionary of everythingfeminism is for everybody -
in the introduction, bell hooks states this book is specifically intended to convince men, who “have no idea what it is feminists want” and are only familiar with feminism through “patriarchal mass media” that “they would find in feminist movement the hope of their own release from the bondage of patriarchy.”
by spotless mind 5 months ago
turkish dominance in perusen -
leaves me breathless when i see entries such as galatasaray, recep tayyip erdogan or kemal kilicdaroglu. hey folk! we want to hear about the things specific to your country also. (ps. this is written to encourage people from different countries)
by dionysus 6 months ago
when to worry about what kind of friend you have -
if your friend is gossiping about you behind your back? no. he is no longer your friend. and he clarified his position through his own actions and is sending you a clear message. it is your fault of not getting the message. if your friend is no longer talking to you? no. everyone has a moment in life where priorities change, and it is a normal course of any relationship - ups and downs, closer and farther. if your friend is friending up with your enemies? no. we all make certain needed negotiations with both friends and enemies, be they our own or others'. you do not know the full story. it is you who need to exercise your patience, tolerance and faith if you call him your friend.

but when you see this sign, you really need to worry: when you see him doing all these things but faking his closeness to you with smiles and kind words. not to you, of course, for he is smart enough to know that he cannot fake it to you. but to others, so that he can cover his grounds - whatever they are.

that means you are holding something in you that he loses his sleep over thinking about it. that means he has not yet come up with a solid plan how to isolate you from the rest of the others in his social circle with whom whatever you are holding in will not sit well once exposed. he needs to know exactly what you think, who you befriend with, what you talk about with them, and what your plans are just to be sure that that thing is still inside you, not outside. no one knows you are no longer his friend - only he and you.

if i were you, i would already have come up with a good contingency plan. a plan good enough, when he finally pulled his dagger out and revealed its sharpened edge towards you at a moment he would be confident enough to believe in himself that he finally out-manuevered you, you could show him that his petty scheme was nothing but a child's game by pulling a pistol out of its holster and steading its steely point in his face.

that is how one saves his own life in this treacherous world. and my advice to you at this point? when you finally pulled that pistol out and pointed at him, do not hesitate but pull the trigger. by pointing that gun at him, you just crossed the point of no return. he will never forget you. you rather want to be the guy who would be regretting over his decision on why he had to pull the trigger and kill his once-friend over his breakfast next morning than the one who would be worrying for the rest of his life about when that once-friend who he almost killed but did not would be coming back - this time with a pistol - to kill him instead.
by coeurdelion 4 months ago
working on a phd -
the consumption of your time and energy for misleading aims such as uncovering the mysteries of nature, performing experiments or carrying out calculations to learn how the world works. forget it! do something else instead: medical school, law school, computers or engineering, or something else which appeals to you.

you might have the expectation of spending your working life doing scientific research, using your ingenuity and curiosity to solve important and interesting problems. you will almost certainly be disappointed, probably when it is too late to choose another career. you might think i became a scientist in order to have the freedom to work on problems which interest me. but you probably won't get that freedom. as a postdoc you will work on someone else's ideas, and may be treated as a technician rather than as an independent collaborator.

after you are done with all, the struggle for a job is now replaced by a struggle for grant support, and again there is a glut of scientists. now you spend your time writing proposals rather than doing research.

by jonathan i. katz, professor of physics
by spotless mind 2 years ago
consciousness -
something acts like god in the mind of the human beings. probably only humans have it at that level. on consciousness there is always a debate in terms of its existence. some cog sci people say it doesn't exist at all but an illusion of the brain, some others like steven pinker say we may never know about its existence and the inner structure of it since we are trying to understand it with the help of it again and some say it definitely exists. what i know about is the questions about it. if there is no such thing why we feel that we have consciousness? when i raise my hand what takes the decision and moves my hand? when i say i have a brain who is that i? and what is it like to be another person or a bat, as it is in the original question. from these points it is very like god so i don't think we will prove or disprove consciousness and the debate will continue till eternity or we die.
by dionysus 6 months ago